Benefits of CBD w/ Pets (How CBD is being used for pets)

CBD (Cannabidiol) has a powerful image around the globe. Medical industry greatly uses the benefits of CBD for curing various illnesses. CBD is a compound obtained from the cannabis plant that is also known as medical marijuana. The plant contains certain active compounds called as cannabinoids which are responsible for the effect of cannabis on individuals. CBD is the most important cannabinoid found in this plant. CBD is not only excellent for people, but it is also beneficial for pets.

Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system of human has a strong role with CBD. It joins with the cannabinoid receptors in various parts of the body predominantly in the Central nervous system by the antipsychotic effect (Tokes, 2016). Just like human, dogs, and cats also have an endocannabinoid system, which clearly means that animals can also avail the benefits of CBD just like human beings.

Benefits of CBD for pets

CBD can benefit pets for a large number of similar conditions it benefits their proprietors:

  • Pain

  • Inflammation

  • Seizure control

  • Enhance the quality of life

  • Appetite

  • Anxiety issues

  • Cancer

  • GI disorder



CBD oil with small amount of THC in it, Yes or no?

A little amount of THC in CBD oil is something worthy as it will offer an entourage effect. THC is just an issue for pets when they have it excessively. Always begin with a low amount of dose and work the way up gradually. Remember that one can simply give their pet more. However, it’s much harder to reverse a dose once administered.


Side Effect

Only a high amount of dosage can induce the prolonged sedative effect in pets. If the pet gets too sleepy after CBD dose, the amount of CBD should reduce the next time.



Mode of administration of CBD in pets

The best mode of administration of CBD in pets is the sublingual route. The best way for giving CBD to pets is a sublingual tincture (Nurse Your Pet, 2017). The sublingual tinctures easy to administer, easy to dose and are easy to adjust (the dose) in case any increase or decrease in the dose is required.


CBD dosage for pets

The standard dosage of CBD for pets considered safe is 0.05 mg per lb two times a day to 0.25 mg per lb two times a day.

Level 1: 0.05 mg/lb of the body weight is low-end

Level 2: 0.125 mg/lb of the body weight is a middle ground

Level 3: 0.25 mg/lb of the  body weight is high end

According to Dr. Silver, the dosage should begin from level 1 twice a day and should be monitored for over a week. It may not be important to go to level 2 if required then only go to level 2 and observe for a week. Furthermore, if important to go higher, go up to level 3 twice every day (Dr. Robert J Silve, 2015).


CBD for Dogs Suffering From Cancer

The Australian comprehensive veterinarian, Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte had encountered genuine achievement when he treated dogs with CBD. He utilized CBD oil and other natural solutions to treat a dog with a developing tumor. The tumor measure was around 6 cm in diameter, and it was in the mammary gland of that dog. It took a tumor around a half year to shrink, and the dog did not encounter any reoccurrence too (HolistaPet Support Team, 2017)



CBD helps the Appetite of pets

As CBD is nonpsychoactive, it stimulates the appetite of the pets which is compulsory to keep a pet healthy and strong.


CBD can help with Seizures in pets

Seizures can be an agonizing health problem for your pet. They cause violent shaking, and you will not want to be a silent onlooker watching the agony of your pet. The biggest problem with seizures is that they can be quite difficult to treat. The advantage identified with the CBD oil is that it can without much of a stretch diminish the intensity of the seizures. It can decrease the electrical disruptions in the dog’s mind. This is one of the core advantages of CBD oil for dogs.


CBD for Pain and Inflammation in Pets

As it is already known that CBD helps people with inflammation and pain  (La Porta, Bura, Negrete, & Maldonado, 2014). It uses as an analgesic for pets as well In a research carried out on rats concerning CBD concluded that CBD is beneficial for the curing the inflammation and pain (Schuelert & McDougall, 2011).



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