“I am a 65 year old man.  I take 10 drops of CBD tincture every morning as part of my daily health regiment.  Say good-bye to those minor aches and pains as I am living a more active lifestyle.”

Running Horse

“Nugget, my dog, is now 9 years old.  I put 3-4 drops in his food every morning.  He now runs around like he is a puppy again.”

“My stress levels have been drastically reduced.  I take the 10mg capsules in the morning and at night. My days are calmer and I now sleep through the night.  Thank you Organic4Rx.”

“I have nerve pain as a result of Stenosis in my neck and at 66 years old exercising is an important part of my daily routine. Organic4Rx’s products especially the salve allows me to manage my nerve discomfort and continue to exercise “

I am 90 years young especially after taking my daily morning ritual tea with Organic4Rx Honey. I also use the CBD infused coconut oil salve on my knees after a full day of taking care of my daily chores. Thank you Organic4Rx!